Cedar-IBSi NextGen Core Banking Summit

Given the rising competition in the banking industry and Neo-banks winning market share, traditional banks are becoming increasingly concerned about their core systems’ limitations and relatively slow pace of change. Preferences across Cloud-native architecture, SaaS platforms, customer-centricity, and the recurring themes of Hollow-the-Core have significant implications on core banking.

This 2nd edition of the NextGen Core Banking Summit in London explores the perspectives drawn from industry leaders in global banks and technology players. We discuss their opinions on a wide range of topics and reflect on emerging technology trends and their wide-ranging implications on the industry.

Chief Product Officer
Allica Bank
Managing Director & CEO
VP & Head of Product Management
Platinum (Exclusive)

10 delegates; Speaking slot;

Prominent Positioning

Gold (2 Slots)

8 delegates; Speaking slot;

Prominent Positioning

Silver (2 Slots)

4 delegates

Eco-System (4 Slots)


Panel (Exclusive)

2 Speakers (1 Tech + 1 Bank Customer)

Lunch / Dinner Roundtable (Exclusive)

5 -10 Senior Bankers invited by Cedar-IBSi + Sponsor Speaker + Cedar-IBSi Moderators

Networking (Exclusive)

Branding Networking Lunch/Coffee breaks

Media Room (Exclusive)

1 Interview by Sponsor

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